Rediscovering a favorite author

Years ago, I read this book that was eventually made into a television mini-series. I later read the sequel, The Prodigal Daughter. I was convinced that Sir Jeffery Archer of England Native to Bristol) was my favorite author.

His books are in depth, requiring a great deal of time for research and writing. I heard an interview with him in which he explained his schedule. He writes from six a.m. to eight a.m., takes a two-hour break, writes from ten a.m. until noon, takes another two-hour break, writes from two p.m. until four p.m., another two-hour break, then finishes his work day by writing from six p.m. until eight p.m. At the time of the interview, he said he was in bed by nine-thirty and up by five a.m.

Regimented, for sure. Dedicated. But the most remarkable thing was that he said he wrote all of his books by hand. Not a typewriter. Not a computer. He may have changed his ways and eventually joined the twenty-first century, but I have a feeling, if he still writes, he continues to do what he has also done.

One book a year. All written by hand. I wonder who had or has the fun of typing them?

He is a master storyteller, something he said is a gift from God. Writers, he said, can study the craft of writing and learn all the grammar rules and sentence structure, but story telling cannot be taught. It is a talent, just as some are talented artists, dancers, and actors.

Over the years, I’ve read a few other books by Archer, but they weren’t quite as good as the first two. As a result, he disappeared from my radar. Until two weeks ago, when I downloaded an audio book, Only Time Will Tell, the first of his five-book series known as the Clifton Chronicles.

I’m hooked. his style is unique, his ability to write in third-person omniscient incredible, and his knowledge of American culture, despite his being British, is impressive. I doubt his books are for you if you’re a fan of romance or suspense, but if you enjoy well-crafted books  that span years of time, you might want to give his a try.



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